What is the difference between the LI2Day Walk and the Komen 3-Day?
The LI2Day Walk raises money for Long Island breast cancer organizations and 100% of the money raised stays on Long Island.


How do I register to participate in the LI2Day Walk?
You can register for the walk online at www.li2daywalk.org and click on "Register for the 2012 Walk." You can also download the form from our website.  The 9th Annual  LI2Day Walk To Fight Breast Cancer will be held on June 9-10, 2012.

What does my registration fee cover?
The registration fee of $100 helps to defray costs for a participant's registration t-shirt, support materials, food/hydration during the event, transportation, training t-shirt (only for walkers who register on or before March 15, 2012), and a victory t-shirt.
The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Is there a deadline to register for the 2-Day Walk?
Yes. The last day to register is May 1, 2012 or when 400 registrations are received, whichever comes first.

Will I receive a confirmation notice after I've registered?
Yes. If you registered online and provided an email address, you will get your participant number and a confirmation immediately. You will receive a welcome packet that will include your participant ID number. If you register on or before March 15, 2012 you will receive a beautiful technical LI2DAY training t-shirt - so please register early. Be sure to put the LI2DAY Walk email in your address book so important information doesn't go to spam.

How many days must I commit for the LI2Day Walk as a Crew Member?
As a crew member, your commitment is two days (Saturday/Sunday). You are required to come to Pre-Event Check-In to get your credentials and attend one Crew Meeting in late May.


Is orientation mandatory?
If you are a first time walker, it is very helpful to attend an orientation during the year.  We will hold approximately two orientations a month, starting in February.  Most will be held at our beneficiary's locations throughout Long island.  At the orientation, you will learn more about the event, get fundraising and training tips, and meet some of your fellow walkers.  A schedule of the orientations, training walks and locations is available on the LI2Day website on the calendar link, as well as in the online monthly newsletter.
We're asking that repeat walkers attend an orientation as the material has been updated.

Is it mandatory to attend training walks?
No, but the training walks are set up to help you get in shape for our event.  Check the LI2DAY calendar for scheduled training walks. If you plan on attending a training walk, please RSVP to the e-mail that is listed for the training walk. This will ensure that a Training Walk Leader will be there to lead you on your walk and also provide us with contact info in case the walk needs to be cancelled for any reason, such as bad weather or illness. Training walks are loads of fun and a great way for you to meet other LI2Day Walkers, learn more about training, and share fundraising ideas. You can also train on your own or with a group of your friends. The website has a training schedule to help you train properly.  If you would like to get more information on becoming a Training Walk Leader in your neighborhood, give us a call at 631.863.2329 and we will help you get started.


To whom should donors make checks payable?
Checks should be made payable to the "LI2Day Walk to Fight Breast Cancer" or "LI2DAY". We encourage donors to make their donations online as it is a very easy process and it shows up in your account instantly.  We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.  For online donations, direct your donors to www.li2daywalk.org and have them click on "Donate" and put your name or Walker ID# where requested and follow the instructions.

Should I have my donors mail their check donations to me or to LI2DAY?
We encourage you to ask your donors to make their donations via credit card online as it shows up in your account immediately. To expedite the donations you receive via check, please send them to PO Box 5743, Hicksville, NY 11802-5743.   We do not accept cash donations through the mail.  If you receive a cash donation, please deposit it in your personal account and write a check for the same amount from your personal account. EACH DONATION MUST HAVE A DONATION FORM ATTACHED and your Walker ID# should be on the check's memo line.   The Mail In Donation Form can be downloaded at www.li2daywalk.org.

How much money do I have to raise?
In order to participate in the LI2Day Walk, all Walkers are required to raise a minimum of $1,000.

What can I do to raise funds?
The first step is to ASK!  Invite your friends and family to support you.  Write letters and emails to everyone in your address book.  Sample fundraising letters and ideas are available online at www.li2daywalk.org.

Can I still walk if I do not raise my minimum donations?
We understand that fundraising takes time, and often walkers wait until just before the event to start making calls, and sending letters and emails.  However, you should try to raise at least 75% ($750) of your minimum goal before the event.  You should have all of your donations collected by one month after the Walk.  Donors will still happily make donations after the walk, maybe even more willingly after you showed them you have the right stuff!  If you are having trouble raising funds, contact us at info@li2daywalk.org and we can send you advice or have a coach call you to help you be more successful.

Am I able to transfer funds to another participant?
Funds may be transferred from one participant to another as individuals or teams.

Where do the net proceeds from the LI2Day Walk go?
100% of your fundraising dollars will benefit Long Island based support, research, financial assistance, awareness, education programs, and a scholarship fund. Our beneficiaries are listed on the LI2Day website.

Are donations tax deductible?
Yes. All donations are tax deductible per IRS requirements. Long Island 2Day Walk To Fight Breast Cancer, Inc is a New York non-profit corporation and 501(c)(3) organization.


How safe is the route?
To ensure your safety, Suffolk County Police Department's 7th Precinct, along with Suffolk County EMS and volunteers from numerous ambulance companies will monitor the entire route in patrol cars and ambulances, on bikes, and on foot.

How many rest stops are there?
Rest stops are positioned every two miles for your safety. There are approximately 17 between the 2 days.

What will I find at the rest stops?
Rest stops will supply food, drinks, goodies, first-aid, and Port-o-Lavs.  Rest stops are staffed with volunteer medical personnel, wonderful community groups, organizations, businesses, beneficiary organizations, and sponsors to support you on your journey.

Will medical personnel be on hand throughout the weekend?
Yes! Our medical team consists of: a cardiologist, emergency physician, podiatrists, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and volunteer ambulance companies. Our medical directors are Dr. Kenneth Ong, Dr. Edward P. Fryman and Dr. Carl Goodman.  Also supporting the walk is the South County, Shirley, Yaphank, and Middle Island Volunteer Ambulance Companies along with the Suffolk County EMS.

What if I can't walk anymore?
You will be picked up by a courtesy vehicle and given the choice to either be transported to a "catch up" point with other walkers or to the final destination. The choice is yours!

Can I use my cell phone while I'm walking?
To ensure the safety of all of our walkers, you will not be permitted to use your cell phone while you are walking.  If the need should arise, you may step to the side of the road to use your phone.

Is smoking permitted?
The LI 2 Day Walk to Fight Breast Cancer aims to promote good health and respect for the county parks and roads that have been afforded to us.  With this in mind, smoking will not be permitted at any time during the walk or walk weekend; this rule will be strictly enforced.  Visit www.smokefree.gov for tips on how to quit prior to the walk.

What if I have to use the restroom?
Port-o-Lavs will be provided at Smith Point County Park, at all of our rest stops along the way, and at Cathedral Pines.

Is there any place where my family can cheer me on?
Absolutely!  We count on friends and family to encourage and cheer you on along the route.  See our Route link for those locations.

Where will I sleep?
Assembled tents will be provided for you.  Include an air mattress with your gear and it will be inflated and ready for you when you get to Victory Village on Saturday

How does my gear get to the Victory Village, Cathedral Pines campsite? 
You will leave your gear at Smith Point County Park upon check-in on Saturday morning where it will be picked up and delivered to your tent by our sponsor, UPS.

What should I bring to the campsite?
Click here for a Packing Check List

Will there be showers?
Yes! Hot showers will be available to you Saturday evening and Sunday morning at Victory Village at Cathedral Pines campsite.

What about dinner?
An incredible buffet of delicious, hot, and nutritious food will be catered and served on Saturday evening by our sponsor Carrabba's Italian Grill of Smithtown.

What if I'm a vegetarian?
Please indicate your preference on your registration form and you will be provided with a vegetarian meal.

How about alcoholic beverages at Cathedral Pines?
Alcohol will not be permitted.

May I share a tent with my friends?
Yes. Simply indicate with whom you'd like to share a tent when you register.

Can I go home Saturday night?
Yes.  However, due to security restrictions, you will not be permitted to return to the campsite to continue the walk on Sunday. You may meet us at the Smith Point Marina to participate in Closing Ceremonies.

What if I have a medical condition that would prevent me from sleeping at Cathedral Pines on Saturday evening?
Please contact us on an individual basis (see contact information below).

What if I can only walk on Saturday?
Please advise us when you pick up your packet prior to the walk so that we can issue a pass to the person who will be picking you up.

If my spouse and I both walk, may we share a tent?
Yes, please let us know your preference and we will accommodate your request.


If I don't walk, how else can I help?
There are two ways to volunteer for the LI2DAY.  You can become a crew member or a day volunteer. Below is a brief description of both.

Crew Member:  The crew is a popular way of being involved in the LI2Day and crew positions are limited and fill up very quickly.  As a crew member, you are in the event sleeping at Victory Village and helping with the running of the event. Crew members can register for a registration fee of $50 which covers your registration t-shirts, support materials, food/hydration during the event, and transportation. If you would like to be adored by hundreds of walkers, then crewing is for you!!!  If you would like more information about being a crew member during the event, visit our Crew page on the LI2Day website. If you would like to register to be a crew member, please go to our registration page and fill out the form and select "crew."

Day Volunteers:  A day volunteer pays no registration fee and volunteers at the event. To register to volunteer, please go to our volunteer page. Registration will open for volunteers April 1, 2012. Please be prepared for shifts of 4 hours or more.


If we form a team, does each member have to raise the minimum?
Yes, each member of a team needs to raise the minimum.  Individual team members who exceed their minimums can share their additional monies with fellow teammates. Being a member of a team is so much fun and helps to make your enjoyment of the event more of a journey.

Is there a charge to be a member of a team?
No, although some teams have chosen to purchase team shirts, host parties, etc. 

Do I have to do the training walks with my team only?
No, you can participate in any training walk and you can recruit more members for your team. One of the greatest rewards of participating in training walks is meeting all of the incredibly wonderful walkers.

Can I be a member of more than one team?
No, due to limitations in our system please choose one team.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of walkers to be a team?
No, you can be a team of two or a team of hundreds. You can be a corporate team, a group of friends walking for a friend or family member, or just a group that has decided to get in shape and do the LI2DAY together.

Are teams allowed to use the LI2DAY logo on their team shirts?
Yes, but the design must be approved through the LI2DAY office prior to printing. Please submit your artwork to the LI2DAY Visual Media Department at li2day@li2daywalk.org or call (631) 863-2329 to discuss your plans.


Do I have to carry my sleeping bag/gear during the walk?
No!  of course not.  You'll drop off your gear on Saturday morning at check in at Smith Point County Park.  Our volunteer crew and UPS will deliver it to your tent where it will be waiting for you upon your arrival at Victory Village at Cathedral Pines.

Where can I find my gear on Sunday, after the walk?
Your gear will be waiting for you at Smith Park County Park Main Parking Field, where you checked in on Saturday.
What happens if I don't reach my fundraising goal?
If you try your best to raise $1000, you will raise it. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR HELP and check Your Fundraising Tools for tips, suggestions and support.

Can I pool my fundraising money with friend(s)?
Sure! Keep track of your group members and let us know who you are AS SOON AS YOU ARE ALL REGISTERED. The goal is for everyone to participate.

What should I do if I'm a breast cancer survivor and cannot walk for the two days, but would like to participate in closing ceremonies?
You may register on the Breast Cancer Survivors link of our website.

E-mail info@li2daywalk.org or call 631-863-2329.